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Beginning July 24th and effective at 8 am CT on the morning of July 27th, we’re upgrading to an improved digital banking platform to make banking on the go a breeze. The new personal Mobile Banking App and new Online Banking feature the latest functionality, security and many modern improvements that are a few degrees better.



When is the Digital Banking upgrade taking place?
The conversion to our new Digital Banking platform will begin July 24th and go through the weekend. Beginning at midnight on July 23rd, mobile banking will be completely unavailable. Online Banking will remain available until 5 pm on July 24th, and then it will be available in View Only mode and you will not be able to perform any banking transactions. The new system will be live on July 27th at 8 am CT. On this date, you will be able to download the new app and log into the new online banking system by following our First Time Login “how to” video and Quick Start Guide.
Why is FirstBank upgrading digital banking?
As a leading community bank, it’s important that we provide our customers with the best and most modern technology we can and our new and refreshed digital banking platform is no exception. It is more robust, more user friendly and frankly, among the best digital platforms available in banking today. Just like we provide a topnotch experience in our branches, now with our new digital banking, you’ll get the same experience across online and mobile banking. Now one system, your new digital banking will provide a cohesive and consistent experience no matter when or where you’re banking.
How is this digital solution different from the existing platform?
One key advantage is it’s one system instead of two separate ones. The new digital solution combines online banking and the app into one platform and your banking information syncs across mobile and desktop. For example, if you schedule a bill to be paid on your mobile app, it will also be reflected in online banking. The new platform features the latest digital banking functionality, security and features.
What do I need to have ready for my first time login?
Make sure you have your current username from online banking and your temporary password. Your temporary password will be emailed and mailed to you prior to conversion so watch your inbox and mailbox. If you do not know your current online banking username, here’s where you can find it:

  • Log into online banking before July 24th and select Preferences > Change Security Settings

  • Your Login ID is featured at the top on the first row.

  • Also make sure that your current contact information (address, phone, email) is up to date and that you have a cell phone number on file. It’s important to keep your contact information up to date.
    Will my username and password change?
    Your username will remain the same, however, at first time login, you must use your current username for online banking and not your mobile app. Your usernames may be the same, but if not, make sure you use your current username from online banking. You can use this username to perform your first time login either via online banking or the new FirstBank Personal mobile app.

    For your password, you will use a temporary password for your first login. This will be mailed and emailed to you prior to conversion. Following your first login, you will be prompted to reset your password. If you do not know your username, you will be able to self-service your account. Just click "Forgot" and follow the prompts provided.

    The great news is that once you have gone through the first time login process either on your mobile phone or desktop, that information syncs to both devices. Following your first time login, your username and password will be the same for both. When you log in for the first time, your existing FirstBank accounts will already be populated into the new system.
    How do I access my digital banking options?
    You can access the new digital banking and your account using a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or other internet-accessible devices. There are two access points:

  • Beginning at 8 am CT on July 27th, visit our website at and sign into the new online banking platform using your username as you normally would. You will then be prompted for your password. Remember, the first time you log in you’ll use your temporary password which will be emailed to you in advance. If you do not receive the mail or email or cannot locate them, please contact your local branch or our call center at 800-413-4211 for assistance.

  • If you prefer to do your First-Time Login via the mobile app, now’s the time to download the NEW mobile banking app from the Google Play or Apple Store.

  • Note: You will not be able to access the website via old bookmarks or the previous FirstBank mobile banking app.
    Will I have to download a new mobile app?
    Yes, you will have to download a new FirstBank mobile banking app. Once the new platform is live on July 27th, you’ll go into the Google Play or App Store to download the new app. Just search FirstBank Personal and it will populate for you. You can delete the old FirstBank app at any time as you will no longer be able to access it.

    For convenience, scan here to download the app:

    Or if on mobile click here:

    Apple App Store   Google Play

    Do I have to login immediately?
    Customers will have up to two weeks (14 days) from July 27th to log in to their online banking and reset passwords before their account will be placed in a dormant status. If this happens, just call your local FirstBank branch or our call center at 800-413-4211 and they will help you regain access to your online banking account.
    What should I expect for my first login into the system?
    To prepare, watch our First Time Login video that walks you through the simple steps. As you’re logging into the system for the first time, you will receive an Initial Text Alert, which will be delivered in SMS. That’s why it’s important we have your most current contact information on file.
    I am not familiar with Two Factor Authentication. What is that?
    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as “Two-Step Verification”, is a more secure process of identifying that a customer’s login is valid by using two forms of verification such as a code delivered by text message after entering your username and password.

    While the Two-Step Verification code works the same for both the web browser and mobile app, there are small differences in the way your access will be authenticated with subsequent sign-ins. With the web browser, you may choose to save a trusted device by checking the box next to “Don’t ask for codes again on this computer”, which bypasses the Two-Step Verification with subsequent logins. The mobile app will let you configure an app passcode and you may also choose to use the device’s biometric feature, such as a fingerprint or face recognition, if available. If you try to sign in using an unrecognized devise or browser, you will be required to go through the Two-Step Verification to access your account.
    Can I use Authy, the authentication application, on more than one device?
    Two-Step Verification codes are sent to the phone number entered during digital banking enrollment. If you need to access your online banking without your phone or you are in a low coverage area, you can always choose the Authy app as your delivery method, instead of text or phone call. Tue Authy app can be downloaded across multiple devices, including your desktop computer. When you install Authy, be sure to sign in with the same email address and phone number combination used during the Two-Step Verification enrollment.
    I have Mint and/or QuickBooks connected to my accounts currently. How does this impact me?
    We have put together the guides below to help you in the conversion process.


    What are the supported browsers?
    Online banking works best in Google Chrome®. The current version of the following browsers is also supported: Apple Safari® and Mozilla Firefox® and Microsoft Edge®. Microsoft as well as this online banking platform no longer supports Internet Explorer and security updates are not available. Please download one of the browsers listed above.

    Safari versions below 12.1.1 are not compatible with the initial login process. To complete the initial login, upgrade to the latest version of Safari, or use Chrome or Firebox.

    The following types of browsers and tools are not recommended for use with digital banking: beta versions and embedded browsers within Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software.
    Will I lose account history and eStatements?
    When converting, 120 days of transaction history will continue to display. We are happy to say that you will not lose any of your eStatement history as it will continue to be available after the upgrade. As always, 18 months of eStatement activity will be available assuming you have been enrolled for that amount of time.
    Can I enroll myself in eStatements?
    Yes, once you are logged into the new platform you will be able to enroll in eStatements if you’d like.
    How will viewing Transaction History be different?
    After the upgrade takes place, 120 days of transaction history will continue to display. In the new FirstBank online and mobile app, you’ll notice that once you are logged in, the Transactions information on the main dashboard will be history for all of your accounts. To clarify, this means that the history of transactions will be co-mingled with all of your accounts.

    You can however view transaction history for individual accounts. To do this, select the magnifying glass location in the Transactions card. Then select the dial which will allow you to filter how you search for your history, which can be done by Accounts or by Tags.
    Will my current Bill Pay be impacted by this upgrade?
    While the Bill Pay feature will look different, the functionality of it will remain the same. Your payees and your history with your current Bill Pay settings will not change during the upgrade.

    The week of conversion, Customers will not have access to Bill Pay after 8 am on Monday, July 20th. This means you will not be able to add/cancel/modify payments or payees until Monday, July 27th.
    Will Text Banking be available in the new system?
    Text banking will no longer be available, but through this digital banking platform, you will have all account information readily available.
    Does the new digital banking allow person-to-person payments?
    Yes. The Person-to-Person payment option will be greatly enhanced. You will simply select the “pay a bill” tile from the dashboard and follow the instructions, which will easily guide you through the process.
    I am a Business Banking customer of FirstBank, how will this impact me?
    There is no impact to our Business Online Banking and Treasury Management users. You will continue to use the same system and login credentials that you always have used in the past. If you currently use Personal Banking to access your business accounts, these instructions will apply to you.
    I am a former Farmers National Bank customer, how will this impact me?
    This upgrade will not impact you at all. All new FirstBank customers from our Kentucky markets are already using the new system our legacy FirstBank customers are now converting to.
    Will additional features or functionality be added in the future?
    Yes! We plan to add external transfers soon! As well as the ability to tell us your travel plans right from your app. And, we will be adding Zelle®, a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you trust. You can receive money directly into your bank account within minutes. So be on the lookout for these new features and more coming soon!